“This was a highly specialised and intense course for me. Mike was a great trainer who had a vast knowledge and real life experience which helped when I had to connect the training material to my workplace.”


"Ana is a very good trainer and very helpful. Highly recommended. Thanks for the support during the course."


“Excellent course, I have learnt a lot in the last three days. The staff were friendly and welcoming and the organisation of the course was of high standard.”


Radiation Professionals offer a wide range of radiation safety courses for the purpose of licencing, education and awareness. All courses are professionally run by our highly skilled trainers, either in our offices or at your premises of choice. Our courses ensure that every participant receives a high level of practical experience whilst also providing the necessary background knowledge to ensure that they excel in their workplace.

We are an approved radiation safety training provider recognised by the WA Radiological Council and the relevant regulatory authority in each State and Territory in Australia.

Radiation Professionals are a complete lifecycle radiation service provider to the natural resources industry. We have decades of combined  experience in radiation safety, Fixed Gauges, X-rays, Transport and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) management. One of the biggest challenges operators face, is obtaining the correct information and that is why Radiation Professionals is dedicated to providing the best possible outcome to our clients, utilizing complete lifecycle solutions,   including Training, Consulting & Risk Management.

As there are many different forms of radiation, it is imperative for your safety and health to make sure you are appropriately protected. Employers have a duty of care to their workers to ensure that all potential health and safety risks are managed appropriately and are in accordance with the legal dose limits. Protection from potential radiation sources during normal  operations and maintenance periods must be controlled to minimise their exposures. Workers doses must be monitored, recorded and reported to the regulator under the radiation safety legislation. By ensuring that radiation management systems are in place to protect the workers, this will ensure that the business meets all its legal health and safety requirements.


1. Tailored training solution for your culture, people and company objectives. Custom design: Together we can identify the best

2. Quality Assured: We design market-leading training programs, concepts and methodologies, with an expert course portfolio. Our rigorously selected instructors are recognised experts in their field.

3. On-site training is a cost effective way to train your people and achieve your defined outcomes.


Radiation Professionals training department is a growing business unit with requirements / needs in the industry to provide personnel with the correct skills and safety measures when dealing with radiation. Our job is to understand your requirements and provide flexible options for training courses and mentoring solutions. 

We have collaborated with leading Oil & Gas training providers in Australia to provide the industry with a Working Safely with NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) course which can be run anywhere in Australia.

Radiation Professionals also have collaborations with TCS NDT who run Non Destructive Testing courses, TCS NDT is a highly experienced family run training and consultancy service provider of Non Destructive Testing that endeavour to give solutions to clients be that through a highly experienced professional approach to deliver quality training courses or provide sound advice through their level III consultancy services.

As we endeavour to give our clients even more flexibility we have also collaborated with Globe Competency Assurance to develop an online platform for safety and specialist radiation courses. Globe CA will develop e-learning packages from Radiation Professionals training material, create the customer interface and e-commerce capability, and host via a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS). This course will be launching in the next couple of months, so stay tuned...…

If you need to undertake a radiation course then see how we can help you, the chances are if we don't provide your desired course then we can put you in touch with the right people who can.

For more information and how we can help you contact us or view our courses profiles.



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